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CBD - From Marijuana - has been patented for use in treating Epilepsy

The two major metabolites of marijuana are THC and CBD.

CBD has been patented to treat Epilepsy.


U.S. Patent 6630507  (a PDF file) has been granted by the US Government to treat Epilepsy. There may be some confusion, however. Such a patent would require that CBD be made in a lab or be a unique extractive/ isolate of the plant.

Also, the legal staus of a patent by the US government is odd; any intellectual property of the U.S. government is also public domain.


THC, the psychoactive metabolite appears to be harmful in treating seizures because it triggers seizures. Some THC, (a non-convulsive level) may be needed to offset the sedation caused by CBD.


CBD acts as an anticonvulsant and is also an anti-psychotic.


I will keep you up-to-date on any new developments.


For more information visit my blog, Medical Marijuana is not recreational



I do not propose that anyone use marijuana (or if you are using it, stop).

I am interested in the use of marujuana as medication without the high.

It is possible to use strains of marijuana that do not produce a high.

For more information please leave a message on my blog. Many patients who use marijuana as a medicine (and not as an excuse to get high) are looking for medical strains that do not adversely affect you psychologically - these strains do exist.


I hope that some day that it will be legal, controlled, and prescribed by physcians who have a body of knowelege (like other Rx drugs). 

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My blog is being re-done,  as it had crashed. Basically, I argue that being high is not medical, as it impairs your ability to function. I gave details about metabolites and medical therapetics, and what can be and is available for medical care today, and explain warnings about the dangers of marijuana available today. THC triggers seizures, CBD is theraputic (in seizure disoders). A of people who are on medical marijuana do not want to be high. There is a hugh demand for marijuana. The largest demorgraphic for increase in marijuana use is in people age 50 and up. Marijuana is a 'Folk Medicine'. I don't recommend that you break the law, nor do I receommend that you should go out and use marijuana today.


When scientists studied how THC works, they had discovered something new about the human body. Everyone knows that we have a cardiac system, a neuro system, etc.. No one knew we have an endocannabinoid system. (E.C.S.)


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