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   Carrageenan, MSG aka MonoSodiumGlutamate, Soy Protein Concentrate/Soy Protein Isolate, Nitrates, Aspartame, and etc........ in our foods and drinks can cause Grand Mals as I have been through the Grand Mal wars with them all. A year ago I was amazed and shock to see that TOOTHPASTE  'Colgate" had CARAGEENAN in it. I was wondering why it tasted so good as I looked at the ingredients only to see the word carageenan. I spit it out of my mounth and returned it back to my dentist and told him what he was giving out. I will not say what toothpaste I use as I am afraid the FDA will attack it next. Hey, that's what it is coming to if you know a product is safe of something, you do not let everyone know about it. I will say it is the only toothpaste i can see that does not have CARRAGEENAN. Ice cream, yogurts and other types of dairy foods that are to be good for you alsoo has CARRAGEENAN that makes their foods and drinks a dangerous thing for me to have. Actually there's 2 toothpastes I can use safely. Some brands have a chemical called .XANTHAN GUM which is also another chemical that can cause auras or seizures if enough over a period of time gets asorbed through your saliva. What quicker way to get anyone into a neurologist office from using toothpaste. Anyone who's never had any seizure can have a seizure from this XANTHAN GUM and CARRAGEENAN in toothpaste. There is no ethnical reason that these chemicals has to be in toothpaste except the makers of it believe people will use more & more of it, which CARRAGEENAN is like a nicotine to tabacoo and smoking. Other foods and drinks with these other chemicals/additives in our bodies are killing our brains and making drug companies and neurologist wealthy. If the FDA will not stop the use of these toxins, someone has to be held accountable for innocent people like myself and millions of others who are affected in some way or another. Seizures are not the only thing that can happen from these toxins. MS, PARKINSONS, FIBROMYALGIA, and other illnesses can be created or worse. Who will see to it that this stops ?  I have tried alone but no one listens to people with empty pockets. If you're famous in some way and have the money, chances are someone might listen. I don't care about either one of them, I just want a life without HAVING TO LIVE IN THE FEAR  OF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENING ALL DUE FROM THE FOOD & DRUG INDUSTRY TRYING TO KILL US WITH THEIR CORRUPT PRACTICES. Living with this condition now for almost 50 years, I have earned my right to shout a few times about the truth that know one wants to talk about ot SHOUT about. Someone needs to shout to wake up some people. Let me know if you're still sleeping before you go to sleep. All parents should shout louder than I as your kids is in more danger than I was when I was a kid. Hope you all do not stay silent and ignore this subject as doctors have done well at doing and ignoring me as well.  

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Aside from MSG, the problem is modified food proteins. Soy oil usually does not trigger seizures, nor does lecithin. All of the the soy alterations and the modified forms of yeast or of cereal proteins such as malt seem to be the problem. It is not so much the gluamate as it is that that MSG causes radical sodium ions, and is also a vasodilater. Some food flavorings are also a problem because they are also salicilates (asprin like drugs). Artifical wintergreen, and root beer flavors are examples. Yellow, red, and blue food colorings are stimulants. So too is natural ginger. What is really bad is the chemical azodicarbonamide, found in foods, usually in rolls, breads, donuts, bagels, many pastries, soft pretzels, and in some candy. It is used in making plastic, and is also an investigational AIDS drug. It can be found in baby food.
Look it up! It's illegal in most of the world. It makes styrofoam fuffy. Trick or Treat azodicarbonamide
According to what you claim, I should not worry if I eat foods with Nitrates, MSG, Aspartame or any other additive foods that can and does trigger seizures. Grand Mals are the worst seizure anyone can have in my opinion. How much worse must something happen before someone does something about all of the problems with foods causing seizures of any kind ? The food and drug industries are all in the same bed and could care less how the people are effected by their great tasting M S G and all other additive foods and drinks. It's weird how some things you mentioned like Lecithin does not bother me, yet other soy concentrates and isolates will make my brain explode with its electrical discharges. Simply put, the F D A had lied enough to all of us over the years, and the politicians seems to sleep good knowing that. When doctors ignored my facts and proof of what happened to me at N I H in 2000, I was totally depressed and rejected after laying on a bed for 10 staight days with out having any seizure activity. The staff there wanted me to have a grand mal so I suggested how I can create one by eating HAM HOCK and CABBAGE, They allowed my moms cooking to come in the room as I ate that meal and 20 minutes alter a GRAND MAL happened. Everyone knows Nitrates. M S G and all these other additives, preservatives, and chemicals can produce seizures in anyone. They just do not want to be honest with their patients as they may not see them any more if people knew what to eat and what not to eat. I really do not need any medicines considering I am only on 100 mgs of lamictal as my weight is at 220 pounds. Knowing what I know and have known for years, as a 8 year old foods bothered me as I had auras then. It wasn't until I was 9 that I knew what my condition was as I was told by my mom then. Of course kids are never listened too well when they try to tell them what they know makes them sick. That's how it was then for me anyway and it seems like the same attitude from the world 40 years later. Wake up and do not let your facts get in the way of the true reality of what M S G and all the other toxins, do to the brains of people. Infants born today up to 15 years old, will be the next group of people 15 to 50 years later what I am saying now. Do you think any neurologist or drug company want what I say to be known by everyone ? Wake up please.
Eat all of the horrible stuff that you want. Eat enough of it and you won't ever have to worry about seizures ever again. I did not say that good old nitrate was a wonderful AED. MSG is a great add-on, too. My point is that the various forms of soy or yeast or something or othered protein garbage are all modified food proteins. Soy oil does nor bother too many people because it has not been modified. Glutamate acid is another fun food additive found in some teriyaki sauces. Once you mess with with mother nature you begin to have problems. If you have AIDS, eat a lot of pastries, donuts, rolls and breads, the azodicarbonamide is there, it's in baby food too. It makes styrofoam 'foam'. Oh joy, Plastic in my food. Brain food! Buy a take out of coffee eat the styrofoam cup. We could start a business, flavored styrofoam. Chocolate flavored cup, coffee inside.
XANTHAN gum (and other 'vegetable snot' thickeners) is sold in health food stores because some people need it. People who are unable to eat corn or milk protein use it to thicken food. Some of the things in heath food stores are silly. Grape seeds? Roughage I suppose. What next, sawdust? A preservative found in Cereals was once used to remove paint from walls.
So people like myself and others need not worry what we eat. Sure, and if I eat enough food additives and chemicals like you said, I would not have to worry about another seizure ever. I'm sure more infants, kids and teenagers today are diagnosed with epilepsy more than when I was diagnosed in 1961. Our government has killed every type of food that use to be good for the brain and entire body function. Even some organic foods and drinks has additives in them that destroys the purpose of eating or drinking organic foods and drinks. Maybe if I really want to die, I will starve my self to death by going on a hunger strike. I would only have to give up little food to do that. If you still believe I should eat whatever I desire, you have no conscience unless it is a seared one. Think about how many people who have been diagnosed with epilepsy and they are getting theri seizures from these food additives/chemicals yet they do not know that is the reason why they are having their seizures. As long as the FDA, drug companies and doctors ignores the truth and facts about all these food additives, preservatives and chemicals, people will never get better from their seizures or any other neurological conditions they can and do cause. The food and drug industries along with most doctors are laughing all the way to and from the bank, while people suffer endlessly because they do not have any idea what is causing their condition. For the people who need these things, they will pay later somehow from these additives, chemicals and preservatives. If nobody made the billions of dollars with all these food additives, preservatives & chemicals, Do you believe all foods and drinks would be safer and fresher to eat and drink ?
Some of the artificial preservatives in foods are better off than not being there because they keep foods from spoiling. Food poisoning is usually lethal. Some preservatives found in personal care products such as shampoos are have an interesting story. When they were inventing they drug Dilantin (phenytoin), the discovered a large number of chemical compounds - the hydantoins. They test all of them - about a thousand. All of them are toxic - even phenytoin. Some were highly toxic, DM~ MD~, MDM~, DMD~, MDMD~ DMDM~, ~hydantion, allantion, and a long, long list. One of them DMDM hydantoin is used because it is a poison (along with a few others. They spent a LOT of money developing these drugs/chemicals. Intellectual property is expensive. A company does not throw money in the trash can (government does). So the sell DMDM hydantoin as a preservative. They put it in shampoos liquid soaps, and nail polish for the sole purpose of extending the the shelf life of the products. Someone in marketing decided that they would claim that their product was 'Anti-Bacterial'. Well it is - (intended to prevent the product from spoiling). Washing with soap is anti-germ. DMDM hydantoin, and all the other additives had been there from product inception.
So because drug companies and food companies invest money in bad substances that are not safe, it is okay to do as long as the government and FDA approves it all. I guess if you were in my shoes, you may think very different instead of defending those people who could care less what they make and how they make it, all in the name of money and power. Why then isn't there clinical trials or research studies on these substances that are making people sick or sicker with their conditions they have to live with ? All of them do not want the public to know the truth because they power and money is at risk. ADM, MONSANTO and all other food corporations all live under the same roof unfortunately. How can anyone defend these people is beyond my common sense thinking. I'm know Albert Einstein nor any brain dead person who unfortunately can not think at all. We do not eat anti-bacteria soap as soap can hardly get into any persons blood stream. So how does that relate to anything where any neurological conditions are concerned ? I must be in my own world as I see I am in a Land of Confusion. That song deffinetly relates to today's time.
Some of the toxic substances that are added to our food were first used else were. And additive put in your Cheerios or other morning munch was originally used to take paint off of walls. Munch, munch, munch. I can't take MSG, some artificial flavors, aspartame, and the stuff that bothers you (except that some of the 'vegetable snot' thickeners, does not bother me. I don't get much carrageenan. I don't eat salicilate based flavors or colors, although I do like Sprite, and caffiene free Coke. I avoid all modifed food proteins, and a lot of other stuff. I am not pro-food chemistry. I have no problem with many presrvatives because the growth of bacteria.
Yes, Japan gave us M S G, how wonderful those people are. I drink paint thinner instead of getting that BHT & BHA that is in all cereals except most O R G A N I C cereals and foods. If you do not get much carrageenan, you must not buy much dairy foods,drinks and milk/ protein by-products. Sorry if you do though, you'll find out later what it will do to you. You will get carrageenan every day if you brush your teeth and not use the one toothpaste that does not have it. Have fun finding it. It's amazing to me how everything is right for those that seem to have no problems with M S G and all the other toxins that is being used every day and every where. Buy their stock, and saturate your blood stream with it all. I don't care if you live a long life or a short life. Bacteria and molds use to be in foods only when they were not used as they spoil. Now foods like bread can last a month or more and it still remains fresh. Glass jars are a collectors item now as they use to keep foods and drinks fresher without everything being added to them. Don't let me stop you from saturating your body with everything you love to eat and drink. Fo for it.
The TRUTH about MSG, the FDA, UFO's, Alien Criminals, and wonderful food chemistry. The FDA (Forced Drugs Adminsitration) is owned by all of the big chemical companies. The function of the FDA is to force all drugs and food chemicals on everyone. You cannot win this war. The FDA puts everyone on a dummy up drug - flouride, formerly a communistic war mind controll drug. It's in your water. It's in your tooth paste. The FDA actually owns it's own, very large planet, much better than earth, as it is not polluted. We are the waste planet for the FDA.
This planet is in a part of the galaxy, far, far away. They have a very large moon, called THE BIG MOON. This moon is used for holding prisoners. The FDA is very strict about prisoners. They do not tolorate anything but complete loyalty. Prisoners are sent to THE BIG MOON. Prisoners are trained to attack us. (Using mind-control drugs). Each prisoner is strapped to a hugh piece of MSG, about the size of the Washington Monument. The MSG is highly repulsive. It will try to escape the FDA solar system. They aim the MSG at the United States, and release the MSG. The MSG rapidly escapes the FDA solar system. The MSG and it's prisoner is aimed at TV antennas. You thought that all of these dish antennas were for TV, did you? HA! They are for UFO landings!!!!! They attract MSG. When the UFO prisoners finally arrive on the earth, the prisoners do their dastderly deeds of spreading deadly MSG all over the planet. We have been decieved to eat MSG. Eat MSG, eat MSG, Eat MSG. If you do not eat MSG, you will be shipped to THE BIG MOON, where you will be mind control trained to poison the earth with MSG. A few mlliseconds after I tell you this I will be taken away by the FDA polic---ahhhhh.... .
DMDM Hydantion, which added to shampoo's as a preservative, DOES get in to your bloodstream. It passes Thu the skin. It is similar enough to Dilantin to cause someone who is allergic to Dilantin to react to it. An AIDS drug in your food, and and an AED in your scalp. If you are counting additives, look at the labels for lemonade. Some contain esters of wood rosin. A very common additive added to foods as well as pills, is confectioners glaze or (I forget the name that they call it when added to pills). It is made from insects. Lac bug shells. The stuff of which Lacquer is made. YUP. It makes the pills or the candy (or fruit) shine and slippery, and seals out air. Mmm... Just like mom used to make.

Spices, Spices, Spices and epilepsy, Seizure bearing plants.

Plant-induced seizures: reappearance of an old problem.
Burkhard PR, Burkhardt K, Haenggeli CA, Landis T.

Department of Neurology, University Hos

Several plant-derived essential oils have been known for over a century to have epileptogenic properties. We report three healthy patients, two adults and one child, who suffered from an isolated generalized tonic-clonic seizure and a generalized tonic status, respectively, related to the absorption of several of these oils for therapeutic purposes. No other cause of epilepsy was found, and outcome was good in the two adult cases, but the course has been less favorable in the child. A survey of the literature shows essential oils of 11 plants to be powerful convulsants (eucalyptus, fennel, hyssop, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage, savin, tansy, thuja, turpentine, and wormwood) due to their content of highly reactive monoterpene ketones, such as camphor, pinocamphone, thujone, cineole, pulegone, sabinylacetate, and fenchone. Our three cases strongly support the concept of plant-related toxic seizure. Nowadays the wide use of these compounds in certain unconventional medicines makes this severe complication again possible.

PMID: 10460442 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE

Hug an EEG tech.

Before the EEG there was the permanent brain damage test.
The cells of your body require an equal pressure on the inside of the cell wall as the outside of the cell wall or the cell will implode or explode. If you intake a lot of water very rapidly you will burst the cells in your brain, triggering seizures, and causing permanent brain damage. Before the EEG, the definitive test for epilepsy was to cause water saturation seizures. Anyone, with epilepsy or a healthy person, will suffer brain damage if the cells burst. In someone with epilepsy, the seizure threshold is lower than someone who did not have epilepsy. The test for epilepsy was to insert a tube into the stomach, and rapidly pump water into the patient, causing water saturation seizures. They would time how long it took before you started to seize. Brain damage? No problem, 'they' are already brain damaged.

Do not gulp or guzzle water or anything else.

Transportation to obtain medical care assistance for epilepsy
The J. Kiffen Patient Assistance Travel Fund may be able to assist you in obtaining access to medical care in threatment for epilepsy. Contact the EFA for details.
A favorite of mine is Arm & Hammer Dental Care (tooth powder.)
I don't think it contains anything except for baking soda and sodium floride.

Any Indian stores in your area?

I use a toothpaste made in India named "NEEM" mfr: (Henkel India, Ltd.)
"A unique compound containing Mouth Freshener (Menthol, Peppermint), Antibacterial (Spearmint), Natural Antiseptics (Clove oil), Natural Antipyretics (Ajwan oil), Astringents and Pain Killers (Methyl salysalate) Natural Fragrances (Sandalwood oil). Neem Active is 100% Vegetarian."


Dabur Herbal Neem Toothpaste contains carrageenan.
No Indian stores around the areas from where I live. I'll have to look up NEEM, as I only use A & H D C toothpaste. I'm fearful though that it will want to sell more of it by adding CARRAGEENAN to it as that helps the taste of everything just M S G does. I talked to a woman at Walmart who told me she made her own toothpaste with A & H baking soda and peroxide as she added cinnomin, spearamint or peppermint extract for taste.


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