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Epilepsy Action's Take Action Campaign For Epilepsy Awareness

Over the past year Epilepsy Action ( have been working hard to promote epilepsy awareness, to get more media attention on the condition, as well as educating the general public and empowering epileptics. During the UK's National Epilepsy Week 2011 (15-21 May 2011) They had a week packed full of events to promote awareness and give a voice to epileptics, even hosting a 12hr internet radio show, which can be found here This covered so many issues facing epileptics in the UK and had interviews with them and medical professionals.


Now they are asking if today people can use their facebook and twitter feeds to help promote epilepsy awareness, especially first aid for seizures. They have a great video that not only tells you what you should do, but it also tells you what you should never do, The more people that see this the more informed they will be and if ever they are first on the scene, they will know what to do. People reacting promptly and correctly when someone is having a seizure is so important to reducing the risk of injury during one. The most important piece of advice is at the very beginning, and the same as on the cover of 'The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy' "Don't Panic." Here is a link to the video and their goals with this:


I am hopeful that the people on my friends list on facebook and those who are following me on twitter will share the links that I am posting on, so that they spread out and reach more people. The more people the better, as epilepsy is not just misunderstood in one country, but in all countries, some to a greater or lesser extent. So let's get this going global reach out to the world, so the world becomes more epilepsy aware, have that extra understanding, and knowing what to do when it comes to first aid and seizures. The first step in raising epilepsy awareness is through educating people about it, as with out education there is no understanding.


So lets all unite our voices behind this campaign, and speak as one, so that the world not only hears our voices, but most importantly listens.

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