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The Support of Family and Friends, Both Online and Offline

Recently I got hit with a massive surge of seizures, which came out of the blue and had a debilitating effect on me. During one set of these clusters I managed to destroy my phones screen, making it almost impossible to use.

Having a working mobile phone can and is a lifeline when you get hit by these as you can have it easily to had to phone for help and assistance when needed. Some how, though more luck than judgement I manage to make a call to a dear friend Robin, to let him know that i was in a bad way from a mass of cluster seizures and was home alone. He dropped everything that he was doing and came straight round to make sure that i was ok, to give me the assistance I needed until my stepson returned from school. For this I can't thank him enough and he has told me not to worry about it and that if I ever need his help like this again, just to call him and he'll be round as soon as he can.

My Stepson was amazing as ever with caring for me, something he has done for many years when I have been in a bad way. For him it is just normal and just a part of life. I don't think many people realise the stresses and strains that being a child caregiver brings. He canceled plans he had made for after school. He cooked me dinner, as he did not want me to risk being injured trying to do so. You might be thinking this is not too much to ask of a 16 year old. However the day before, while skateboarding he managed to break his wrist and fracture his hand, so cooked dinner in a cast, as well as in a lot of pain from his injury. I must also add he did choose to have a purple cast, as it was nearing purple day, so he'd have no excuse for forgetting to wear something purple. My wife works nights and to ease her mind, that I would be looked after, one of his friends, another evil skateboarding, hoodie wearing teenager, canceled his plans and stayed here until I went to be. So that my wife would know I was having two sets of watchful eyes on me and to give the assistance I would need, incase I had more seizures, which I did.

I also posted about this to both my Facebook and Twitter accounts, well I have taken the Talk About It! promise after all. I even sent Dell, a part joking tweet, apologizing for breaking my phone and they sent me a lovely message back. Here it is:

From both Twitter and Facebook I received many lovely messages of support and well wishes from so many people, which was lovely. One lovely lady Coleen that I have only spoken with via Facebook, offered to post me an old phone of her's, so that i wouldn't be without one, so that i would have the valuable lifeline they give. A couple of days later she sent me a message saying it was in the post as it had taken a while to find the charger. That is true kindness and I can't thank her enough for doing this, it has really touched my heart.

Via Twitter another lovely lady I have become friends with,  Liane, also has posted me down a phone, as she can also understand the worry and panic I get when going out without one. This again is another act of kindness and generosity and I can't begin to thank her enough.

Another good friend who I first got to know online and since we have been able to meet in person, Mark, is also posting me down a phone as well. Just to make sure that I always have a spare phone to hand if ever this happens again. He knows this isn't the first phone I have managed to kill during seizures, the list of these is quite long and includes a Toughbook phone, that was designed for industrial use and meant to be virtually indestructible. Note the virtually there, again I killed the screen, others I have smashed completely.

I wasn't on Facebook, or Twitter that long, as my Stepson caught me and gave me five minutes to get off of my laptop before he would pull the plug on the router. He also sends me to bed when I am bad, yep it's a role reversal there.

My Mum and Dad offered to drive over to make sure I was ok and my Dad was even going to buy me a new phone, which I said he didn't need to as a friend was sorting me out one. I have had a few phone calls from them, to check in, to see if I'm ok and if I needed their help with anything.

This sort of support and acts of kindness, mean the world to people like me and I again cannot thank everyone enough for their kind words and help. I would love to name everyone here to thank them in person for these acts, but it would be a long list.

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Comment by Alastair Millen on May 3, 2014 at 1:39am

 until I went to be. <-- that should have been 'went to bed' oops

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